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CDF Study Tour - Peru

On Monday, January 16th, 2012, the Co-operative Development Foundation (CDF) will embark on a 5 day Study Tour to Peru. Along with a volunteer team made up of Canadian Co-operative and Credit Union leaders, we will be visiting co-operative projects in the regions of Piura and Montero that have supported and empowered small communities of producer farmers to work their way out of poverty towards prosperity.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Home sweet home

We’ve been home about a week now and I’m finally posting the photos to my blog. I don’t think you truly process everything that you see and feel on a journey like this until you are back at home and living your regular life. One afternoon over the weekend Milo asked me if he could have a treat. I agreed on the condition that he ate a banana first. It started an argument: “the whole banana or half the banana? 3 bites or 5 bites?” - Holy smokes kid! Don’t you realize how lucky you are that you CAN eat a whole banana? Children in Peru probably have to share a banana between all 3 to 10 of their siblings. Children in Peru are grateful for every meal and every sip of water and every book that they can get their fingers on. You are so incredibly lucky to have running water, clothes, shoes, books and an education and I need to teach you about the world that exists right next door! I stopped for a second and realized how much I sounded like my mother. When I was growing up my mother had a very good friend who lived and worked with orphans in Uruguay. And this is exactly what she would say to me when I would complain about eating leftovers for dinner or struggling through my homework. But my mother was right. And I’m glad she opened my eyes to the world around me. And maybe it is thanks to her that my path has led me to the wonderful organization that I work for today. Thanks Mom!

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